To capture your event as it happens without any obstructions to you, your guests, or other vendors! Yes, there might be the occasional ask to do something for the camera, but these are kept to the bare minimum. Your photographer will ask enough of you and we don't feel you would want to get more instructions from us.


We use 4K mirrorless cameras which produces superb video quality. Audio is NOT overlooked. We use as many as five audio recorders for church ceremonies. Wireless microphone is also used to capture clean audio from the DJ's sound system during the reception Motorized gymbal for super smooth shots


To make the event special, entertaining and unforgettable to all the guests. Our prime goal is to make you and your guests feel happy with the best commitment, the best strength, the best imagination, and the best customer service workers. We want to tell the story of your wedding in a cinematic and uniquely personal way.


Our Office

Raul Ramirez, 82 Chestnut St
Garfield, NJ 07026



Do you have insurance?
Yes. We will provide a certificate of insurance one month before your event date
How long is the final video production?
Most weddings videos will usually run a bit over 2 hours.
How much time does it take to finish the video?
Depending on your package and the month of the year, the completion of your video may take between 3 and 10 weeks
Do you offer discounts of any type?
We typically do not offer discounts unless there are valid reasons (i.e. no coverage of ceremony required, stop coverage right after cake cutting). We are open to discuss if there is any room for discounts for your event

Raul Ramirez
82 Chestnut St
Garfield, NJ 07026